Card properties

Communication, marketing, identification, updates, and many other functions. Now you can use the full potential of digital cards.

More about properties

Card anatomy

Editable front and back side

  • Logo
  • Picture
  • Text field
  • QR / barcode
  • Link to the app
  • Text
  • Emoji
  • Phone numbers
  • E-mails
  • Text
  • Emoji
  • Phone numbers
  • E-mails
Links to:
  • www
  • documents
  • social networks
  • forms
  • ... and more

Marketing, messages and updates

  • Marketing communications

    Thanks to the effective use of notification messages in pre-installed mobile wallets you can ensure up to 99% delivery rate of your message.

    • News, discounts, and sales
    • Invitations to events
    • Motivation for the next purchase or action
  • Flexible communication

    Send notification messages that will be displayed even on the locked screens of mobile phones.

    • Notification messages
    • Location notifications
    • Mass and segmented communication
  • Real-time updates

    Update digital cards based on purchases, status of membership fees, special offers, and other parameters of yours.

    • Dynamic content changes
    • Changes to points, levels, and other data
    • Card design update

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and Identification

  • Information in One Click

    An effective source of information that every cardholder can access easily and quickly.

    • Addresses, phone numbers, and emails
    • Websites and social networks
    • Links to important documents
  • Identification of Holders

    Using unique QR and EAN codes, the cardholder can identify himself by visual presentation or by using check-in devices.

    • Choice between QR and EAN codes
    • Online and offline identification
    • In one place with payment cards

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